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We are the company licensed to organize and manage exhibition under the rules by Ministry of Commerce and Industry and will abide by to the Rules and Regulation by the Ministry and any other concerned authorities.
  1. The Company is licensed to organize and manage exhibition under the rules by Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  2. The Applicant understands and has knowledge of the Rules and Regulation by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry and any other concerned Ministries & Authorities with regards to organizing exhibition in Sultanate of Oman.
  3. The booking made is for specified exhibition and dates only. Any changes or deviation will render the booking and contract null and void.
  4. Within three weeks (or 15 working days) from the date of confirmation letter / no objection letter issued by Oman International Exhibition Centre (OIEC) the applicant should obtain approval from Ministry of Commerce and Industry. For any solo country exhibition, an approval letter or no objection letter from the Ambassador of the respective country’s embassy should be submitted before any booking is made.
  5. The Applicant shall not apply for exhibition approval to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry prior to confirmation from OIEC. OIEC is not obliged to entertain any request of booking should an approval is obtained from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry before obtaining approval from OIEC.
  6. If OIEC doesn’t receive the Approval Letter from Ministry of Commerce and Industry within three weeks (or 15 working days) from the date of confirmation letter from OIEC, the booking is consider cancelled. Any extension of booking period is subject to OIEC approval at the sole discretion of OIEC.
  7. This booking form is an essential part of the Exhibition Agreement and to be construed as part of the Exhibition Agreement after signing of the Exhibition Agreement.
  8. OIEC reserve the right to refuse or not to accept any booking without stating any reason.
  9. OIEC reserve the right to unilaterally cancel any confirmed booking in the event the Applicant had entered into an Exhibition Agreement with OIEC prior to the Booking and is still in default of payment under the previous Exhibition Agreement. In such case, the Booking Deposit and/or any other already paid by the Applicant shall be forfeited. In addition to the cancellation of booking and forfeiture of Booking Deposit, OIEC reserve the right to initiate any action, as OIEC in its wisdom deems appropriate, to recover the amount payable under the previous Exhibition Agreement. In such event, the organizers shall not have the right to deduct the forfeited amount from the amount due under the previous Exhibition Agreement. Such amount due shall remain recoverable in full.
  10. All booking payment made is non-transferable and non-refundable.
  11. Additional dates apart from allocated number of days for move in and move out dates have to be requested officially and subject to prevailing charges.
  12. The confirmation of exhibition and the right to use and market the exhibition centre as the venue for the exhibition should only be commenced upon finalization and signing of Contract / Exhibition Agreement ie. Tenancy Agreement
  13. Terms of condition in the Exhibition Agreement is to be adhered to, copy can be obtain from OIEC (if required).
  14. All shell scheme booth construction is strictly by OIEC.
  15. Minimum requirement to book the entire exhibition space (both Exhibition Hall 1 & 2) for a single exhibition is 2,000 square meter NETT. This minimum guarantee space is notwithstanding the space approved by Ministry of Commerce and Industry or actual space used (if lesser).
  16. All minimum payment for the exhibition space should be paid prior to build-up of the exhibition and all payments due to OIEC are to be paid in full before TERMINATION DATE.
  17. By signing this form the organizers will also agree that if they do not adhere to the conditions, rules and terms of the agreement with OIEC, OIEC reserves the right to cancel the exhibition and also the exhibition license. All payment made will be forfeited.
I agree to the above specified conditions of exhibition hall booking.*

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This information requested is to facilitate your reservation with OIEC and for OIEC to recommendation for approval from concerned Ministry and authority to organize your exhibition.
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